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Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  archive
Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in computing systems
2009,  Boston, MA, USA    April 04 - 09, 2009
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General Chairs   
Dan R. Olsen, Jr.  Brigham Young University
Richard B. Arthur  Brigham Young University
Program Chairs   
Ken Hinckley  Microsoft Research
Meredith Ringel Morris  Microsoft Research
Scott Hudson  Carnegie Mellon University
Saul Greenberg  University of Calgary
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Table of Contents
SESSION: Understanding information
     Correlating low-level image statistics with users - rapid aesthetic and affective judgments of web pages
Xianjun Sam Zheng, Ishani Chakraborty, James Jeng-Weei Lin, Robert Rauschenberger
Pages 1-10
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.79 MB)
     Exploring the analytical processes of intelligence analysts
George Chin, Jr., Olga A. Kuchar, Katherine E. Wolf
Pages 11-20
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.30 MB)
     What do you see when you're surfing?: using eye tracking to predict salient regions of web pages
Georg Buscher, Edward Cutrell, Meredith Ringel Morris
Pages 21-30
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.63 MB)
SESSION: Designing for other cultures
     Designing digital games for rural children: a study of traditional village games in India
Matthew Kam, Akhil Mathur, Anuj Kumar, John Canny
Pages 31-40
Full text available:  PdfPdf (939 KB)
     Non-universal usability?: a survey of how usability is understood by Chinese and Danish users
Olaf Frandsen-Thorlacius, Kasper Hornbæk, Morten Hertzum, Torkil Clemmensen
Pages 41-50
Full text available:  PdfPdf (737 KB)
     A comparative study of speech and dialed input voice interfaces in rural India
Neil Patel, Sheetal Agarwal, Nitendra Rajput, Amit Nanavati, Paresh Dave, Tapan S. Parikh
Pages 51-54
Full text available:  PdfPdf (833 KB)
     Sacred imagery in techno-spiritual design
Susan P. Wyche, Kelly E. Caine, Benjamin K. Davison, Shwetak N. Patel, Michael Arteaga, Rebecca E. Grinter
Pages 55-58
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.41 MB)
SESSION: Expertise/people finding
     Expert recommender systems in practice: evaluating semi-automatic profile generation
Tim Reichling, Volker Wulf
Pages 59-68
Full text available:  PdfPdf (706 KB)
     Making sense of strangers' expertise from signals in digital artifacts
N. Sadat Shami, Kate Ehrlich, Geri Gay, Jeffrey T. Hancock
Pages 69-78
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.82 MB)
     An exploration of social requirements for exercise group formation
Mike Wu, Abhishek Ranjan, Khai N. Truong
Pages 79-82
Full text available:  PdfPdf (575 KB)
     Team analytics: understanding teams in the global workplace
Jan H. Pieper, Julia Grace, Stephen Dill
Pages 83-86
Full text available:  PdfPdf (745 KB)
SESSION: Design methods
     Getting inspired!: understanding how and why examples are used in creative design practice
Scarlett R. Herring, Chia-Chen Chang, Jesse Krantzler, Brian P. Bailey
Pages 87-96
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.11 MB)
     Using improvisation to enhance the effectiveness of brainstorming
Elizabeth Gerber
Pages 97-104
Full text available:  PdfPdf (628 KB)
     Interactivity attributes: a new way of thinking and describing interactivity
Youn-kyung Lim, Sang-Su Lee, Kwang-young Lee
Pages 105-108
Full text available:  PdfPdf (612 KB)
     PrintMarmoset: redesigning the print button for sustainability
Jun Xiao, Jian Fan
Pages 109-112
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.53 MB)
SESSION: Navigation
     Design, implementation and evaluation of a novel public display for pedestrian navigation: the rotating compass
Enrico Rukzio, Michael Müller, Robert Hardy
Pages 113-122
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.19 MB)
     EyeSpy: supporting navigation through play
Marek Bell, Stuart Reeves, Barry Brown, Scott Sherwood, Donny MacMillan, John Ferguson, Matthew Chalmers
Pages 123-132
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.76 MB)
     Simulated augmented reality windshield display as a cognitive mapping aid for elder driver navigation
SeungJun Kim, Anind K. Dey
Pages 133-142
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.15 MB)
SESSION: New tabletop input and output methods
     PenLight: combining a mobile projector and a digital pen for dynamic visual overlay
Hyunyoung Song, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice, François Guimbretiere, Azam Khan, Ramtin Attar, Gordon Kurtenbach
Pages 143-152
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.13 MB)
     To move or not to move: a comparison between steerable versus fixed focus region paradigms in multi-resolution tabletop display systems
Chuan-Heng Hsiao, Li-Wei Chan, Ting-Ting Hu, Mon-Chu Chen, Jane Hsu, Yi-Ping Hung
Pages 153-162
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.60 MB)
     Transparent 2-D markers on an LCD tabletop system
Hideki Koike, Wataru Nishikawa, Kentaro Fukuchi
Pages 163-172
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.53 MB)
     Magic cards: a paper tag interface for implicit robot control
Shengdong Zhao, Koichi Nakamura, Kentaro Ishii, Takeo Igarashi
Pages 173-182
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.56 MB)
     The VoiceBot: a voice controlled robot arm
Brandi House, Jonathan Malkin, Jeff Bilmes
Pages 183-192
Full text available:  PdfPdf (9.73 MB)
     "Pimp My Roomba": designing for personalization
JaYoung Sung, Rebecca E. Grinter, Henrik I. Christensen
Pages 193-196
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.46 MB)
     Sketch and run: a stroke-based interface for home robots
Daisuke Sakamoto, Koichiro Honda, Masahiko Inami, Takeo Igarashi
Pages 197-200
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.38 MB)
SESSION: Online relationships
     Make new friends, but keep the old: recommending people on social networking sites
Jilin Chen, Werner Geyer, Casey Dugan, Michael Muller, Ido Guy
Pages 201-210
Full text available:  PdfPdf (714 KB)
     Predicting tie strength with social media
Eric Gilbert, Karrie Karahalios
Pages 211-220
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.05 MB)
     My Dating Site Thinks I'm a Loser: effects of personal photos and presentation intervals on perceptions of recommender systems
Shailendra Rao, Tom Hurlbutt, Clifford Nass, Nundu JanakiRam
Pages 221-224
Full text available:  PdfPdf (615 KB)
     The application of forgiveness in social system design
Asimina Vasalou, Jens Riegelsberger, Adam Joinson
Pages 225-228
Full text available:  PdfPdf (577 KB)
SESSION: Education and science
     Friend or foe?: examining CAS use in mathematics research
Andrea Bunt, Michael Terry, Edward Lank
Pages 229-238
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.52 MB)
     Pathfinder: an online collaboration environment for citizen scientists
Kurt Luther, Scott Counts, Kristin B. Stecher, Aaron Hoff, Paul Johns
Pages 239-248
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.39 MB)
     The TeeBoard: an education-friendly construction platform for e-textiles and wearable computing
Grace Ngai, Stephen C.F. Chan, Joey C.Y. Cheung, Winnie W.Y. Lau
Pages 249-258
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.58 MB)
SESSION: Personal information management
     It feels better than filing: everyday work experiences in an activity-based computing system
Stephen Voida, Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Pages 259-268
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.50 MB)
     It's not that important: demoting personal information of low subjective importance using GrayArea
Ofer Bergman, Simon Tucker, Ruth Beyth-Marom, Edward Cutrell, Steve Whittaker
Pages 269-278
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.23 MB)
     Lightweight tagging expands information and activity management practices
Gerard Oleksik, Max L. Wilson, Craig Tashman, Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues, Gabriella Kazai, Gavin Smyth, Natasa Milic-Frayling, Rachel Jones
Pages 279-288
Full text available:  PdfPdf (788 KB)
SESSION: Clicking on buttons
     Motion-pointing: target selection using elliptical motions
Jean-Daniel Fekete, Niklas Elmqvist, Yves Guiard
Pages 289-298
Full text available:  PdfPdf (830 KB)
     Providing dynamically changeable physical buttons on a visual display
Chris Harrison, Scott E. Hudson
Pages 299-308
Full text available:  PdfPdf (11.29 MB)
     The performance of touch screen soft buttons
Seungyon Lee, Shumin Zhai
Pages 309-318
Full text available:  PdfPdf (852 KB)
SESSION: Privacy and trust
     Timing is everything?: the effects of timing and placement of online privacy indicators
Serge Egelman, Janice Tsai, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Alessandro Acquisti
Pages 319-328
Full text available:  PdfPdf (782 KB)
     Designing trustworthy situated services: an implicit and explicit assessment of locative images-effect on trust
Vassilis Kostakos, Ian Oakley
Pages 329-332
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.24 MB)
     Social computing privacy concerns: antecedents and effects
Oded Nov, Sunil Wattal
Pages 333-336
Full text available:  PdfPdf (612 KB)
SESSION: Accessibility/special needs
     An enhanced musical experience for the deaf: design and evaluation of a music display and a haptic chair
Suranga Nanayakkara, Elizabeth Taylor, Lonce Wyse, S H. Ong
Pages 337-346
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.94 MB)
     Longitudinal study of people learning to use continuous voice-based cursor control
Susumu Harada, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Jonathan Malkin, Jeff A. Bilmes, James A. Landay
Pages 347-356
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.36 MB)
     Fast gaze typing with an adjustable dwell time
Päivi Majaranta, Ulla-Kaija Ahola, Oleg Špakov
Pages 357-360
Full text available:  PdfPdf (682 KB)
     How well do visual verbs work in daily communication for young and old adults?
Xiaojuan Ma, Perry R. Cook
Pages 361-364
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.25 MB)
SESSION: Sustainability 1
     A sustainable identity: the creativity of an everyday designer
Ron Wakkary, Karen Tanenbaum
Pages 365-374
Full text available:  PdfPdf (748 KB)
     A vehicle for research: using street sweepers to explore the landscape of environmental community action
Paul M. Aoki, R. J. Honicky, Alan Mainwaring, Chris Myers, Eric Paulos, Sushmita Subramanian, Allison Woodruff
Pages 375-384
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.06 MB)
     Nourishing the ground for sustainable HCI: considerations from ecologically engaged art
Carl DiSalvo, Kirsten Boehner, Nicholas A. Knouf, Phoebe Sengers
Pages 385-394
Full text available:  PdfPdf (619 KB)
SESSION: Creating thought and self-improvement
     Designing for the self: making products that help people become the person they desire to be
John Zimmerman
Pages 395-404
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.11 MB)
     Theory-driven design strategies for technologies that support behavior change in everyday life
Sunny Consolvo, David W. McDonald, James A. Landay
Pages 405-414
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.12 MB)
     (Perceived) interactivity: does interactivity increase enjoyment and creative identity in artistic spaces?
Amy L. Gonzales, Thomas Finley, Stuart Paul Duncan
Pages 415-418
Full text available:  PdfPdf (610 KB)
     Learning from IKEA hacking: i'm not one to decoupage a tabletop and call it a day.
Daniela Rosner, Jonathan Bean
Pages 419-422
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.73 MB)
SESSION: Telepresence and online media
     More than face-to-face: empathy effects of video framing
David T. Nguyen, John Canny
Pages 423-432
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.79 MB)
     Movable cameras enhance social telepresence in media spaces
Hideyuki Nakanishi, Yuki Murakami, Kei Kato
Pages 433-442
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.17 MB)
     NewsCube: delivering multiple aspects of news to mitigate media bias
Souneil Park, Seungwoo Kang, Sangyoung Chung, Junehwa Song
Pages 443-452
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.17 MB)
SESSION: Learning challenges
     Creating a spoken impact: encouraging vocalization through audio visual feedback in children with ASD
Joshua Hailpern, Karrie Karahalios, James Halle
Pages 453-462
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.88 MB)
     Autism online: a comparison of word usage in bloggers with and without autism spectrum disorders
A. Taylor Newton, Adam D.I. Kramer, Daniel N. McIntosh
Pages 463-466
Full text available:  PdfPdf (613 KB)
     Design of haptic interfaces for therapy
Cati Vaucelle, Leonardo Bonanni, Hiroshi Ishii
Pages 467-470
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.91 MB)
SESSION: Tangibles on tables
     Dynamic mapping of physical controls for tabletop groupware
Rebecca Fiebrink, Dan Morris, Meredith Ringel Morris
Pages 471-480
Full text available:  PdfPdf (7.02 MB)
     SLAP widgets: bridging the gap between virtual and physical controls on tabletops
Malte Weiss, Julie Wagner, Yvonne Jansen, Roger Jennings, Ramsin Khoshabeh, James D. Hollan, Jan Borchers
Pages 481-490
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.05 MB)
     Touch and toys: new techniques for interaction with a remote group of robots
Cheng Guo, James Everett Young, Ehud Sharlin
Pages 491-500
Full text available:  PdfPdf (6.19 MB)
SESSION: Computer mediated communication 1
     Butler lies: awareness, deception and design
Jeff Hancock, Jeremy Birnholtz, Natalya Bazarova, Jamie Guillory, Josh Perlin, Barrett Amos
Pages 517-526
Full text available:  PdfPdf (860 KB)
     In CMC we trust: the role of similarity
Lauren E. Scissors, Alastair J. Gill, Kathleen Geraghty, Darren Gergle
Pages 527-536
Full text available:  PdfPdf (578 KB)
     Visualizing real-time language-based feedback on teamwork behavior in computer-mediated groups
Gilly Leshed, Diego Perez, Jeffrey T. Hancock, Dan Cosley, Jeremy Birnholtz, Soyoung Lee, Poppy L. McLeod, Geri Gay
Pages 537-546
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.05 MB)
SESSION: Non-traditional interaction techniques
     Fly: a tool to author planar presentations
Leonhard Lichtschlag, Thorsten Karrer, Jan Borchers
Pages 547-556
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.44 MB)
     Hand occlusion with tablet-sized direct pen input
Daniel Vogel, Matthew Cudmore, Géry Casiez, Ravin Balakrishnan, Liam Keliher
Pages 557-566
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.40 MB)
     Text entry performance of state of the art unconstrained handwriting recognition: a longitudinal user study
Per Ola Kristensson, Leif C. Denby
Pages 567-570
Full text available:  PdfPdf (654 KB)
     Wetpaint: scraping through multi-layered images
Leonardo Bonanni, Xiao Xiao, Matthew Hockenberry, Praveen Subramani, Hiroshi Ishii, Maurizio Seracini, Jurgen Schulze
Pages 571-574
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.28 MB)
SESSION: In the living room
     Computer usage in daily life
Thomas Beauvisage
Pages 575-584
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.13 MB)
     Of social television comes home: a field study of communication choices and practices in tv-based text and voice chat
Elaine M. Huang, Gunnar Harboe, Joe Tullio, Ashley Novak, Noel Massey, Crysta J. Metcalf, Guy Romano
Pages 585-594
Full text available:  PdfPdf (728 KB)
     Supporting the social uses of television: sociability heuristics for social tv
David Geerts, Dirk De Grooff
Pages 595-604
Full text available:  PdfPdf (940 KB)
SESSION: Information foraging
     An elementary social information foraging model
Peter Pirolli
Pages 605-614
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.42 MB)
     Remembrance of things tagged: how tagging effort affects tag production and human memory
Raluca Budiu, Peter Pirolli, Lichan Hong
Pages 615-624
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.92 MB)
     Signpost from the masses: learning effects in an exploratory social tag search browser
Yvonne Kammerer, Rowan Nairn, Peter Pirolli, Ed H. Chi
Pages 625-634
Full text available:  PdfPdf (888 KB)
SESSION: Prototyping and interaction
     The people-prototype problem: understanding the interaction between prototype format and user group
Katherine M. Sellen, Micheal A. Massimi, Danielle M. Lottridge, Khai N. Truong, Sean A. Bittle
Pages 635-638
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.04 MB)
SESSION: Understanding UI 1
     Accounting for diversity in subjective judgments
Evangelos Karapanos, Jean-Bernard Martens, Marc Hassenzahl
Pages 639-648
Full text available:  PdfPdf (799 KB)
SESSION: Metrics
     A survey of software learnability: metrics, methodologies and guidelines
Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice, Ramtin Attar
Pages 649-658
Full text available:  PdfPdf (755 KB)
     Undo and erase events as indicators of usability problems
David Akers, Matthew Simpson, Robin Jeffries, Terry Winograd
Pages 659-668
Full text available:  PdfPdf (925 KB)
SESSION: Cross culture CMC
     Cultural difference and adaptation of communication styles in computer-mediated group brainstorming
Hao-Chuan Wang, Susan F. Fussell, Leslie D. Setlock
Pages 669-678
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.11 MB)
     Difficulties in establishing common ground in multiparty groups using machine translation
Naomi Yamashita, Rieko Inaba, Hideaki Kuzuoka, Toru Ishida
Pages 679-688
Full text available:  PdfPdf (878 KB)
     Resilience through technology adoption: merging the old and the new in Iraq
Gloria J. Mark, Ban Al-Ani, Bryan Semaan
Pages 689-698
Full text available:  PdfPdf (635 KB)
SESSION: Scientometric analysis of the CHI proceedings
     Scientometric analysis of the CHI proceedings
Christoph Bartneck, Jun Hu
Pages 699-708
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.24 MB)
SESSION: User experience
     From interaction to trajectories: designing coherent journeys through user experiences
Steve Benford, Gabriella Giannachi, Boriana Koleva, Tom Rodden
Pages 709-718
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.46 MB)
     Understanding, scoping and defining user experience: a survey approach
Effie Lai-Chong Law, Virpi Roto, Marc Hassenzahl, Arnold P.O.S. Vermeeren, Joke Kort
Pages 719-728
Full text available:  PdfPdf (746 KB)
     User experience over time: an initial framework
Evangelos Karapanos, John Zimmerman, Jodi Forlizzi, Jean-Bernard Martens
Pages 729-738
Full text available:  PdfPdf (757 KB)
SESSION: In the home
     Computer help at home: methods and motivations for informal technical support
Erika Shehan Poole, Marshini Chetty, Tom Morgan, Rebecca E. Grinter, W. Keith Edwards
Pages 739-748
Full text available:  PdfPdf (977 KB)
     Extraordinary computing: religion as a lens for reconsidering the home
Susan P. Wyche, Rebecca E. Griner
Pages 749-758
Full text available:  PdfPdf (705 KB)
SESSION: Q&A systems
     Facts or friends?: distinguishing informational and conversational questions in social Q&A sites
F. Maxwell Harper, Daniel Moy, Joseph A. Konstan
Pages 759-768
Full text available:  PdfPdf (921 KB)
     mimir: a market-based real-time question and answer service
Gary Hsieh, Scott Counts
Pages 769-778
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.26 MB)
     Questions in, knowledge in?: a study of naver's question answering community
Kevin Kyung Nam, Mark S. Ackerman, Lada A. Adamic
Pages 779-788
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.37 MB)
SESSION: Looking at videos
     SmartPlayer: user-centric video fast-forwarding
Kai-Yin Cheng, Sheng-Jie Luo, Bing-Yu Chen, Hao-Hua Chu
Pages 789-798
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.15 MB)
     Videolyzer: quality analysis of online informational video for bloggers and journalists
Nicholas Diakopoulos, Sergio Goldenberg, Irfan Essa
Pages 799-808
Full text available:  PdfPdf (966 KB)
     What's next?: emergent storytelling from video collection
Edward Yu-Te Shen, Henry Lieberman, Glorianna Davenport
Pages 809-818
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.05 MB)
SESSION: Art creation
     Musink: composing music through augmented drawing
Theophanis Tsandilas, Catherine Letondal, Wendy E. Mackay
Pages 819-828
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.83 MB)
     Passive photography from a creative perspective: "If I would just shoot the same thing for seven days, it's like... What's the point?"
Sara Ljungblad
Pages 829-838
Full text available:  PdfPdf (9.47 MB)
     Urban pixels: painting the city with light
Susanne Seitinger, Daniel S. Perry, William J. Mitchell
Pages 839-848
Full text available:  PdfPdf (15.94 MB)
SESSION: Programming tools and architectures
     ESPranto SDK: an adaptive programming environment for tangible applications
Robert van Herk, Janneke Verhaegh, Willem F.J. Fontijn
Pages 849-858
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.33 MB)
     Support for context-aware intelligibility and control
Anind K. Dey, Alan Newberger
Pages 859-868
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.31 MB)
     VIGO: instrumental interaction in multi-surface environments
Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Pages 869-878
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.21 MB)
SESSION: The status of ethnography in systems design
     Ethnography considered harmful
Andrew Crabtree, Tom Rodden, Peter Tolmie, Graham Button
Pages 879-888
Full text available:  PdfPdf (605 KB)
SESSION: Security
     A comprehensive study of frequency, interference, and training of multiple graphical passwords
Katherine M. Everitt, Tanya Bragin, James Fogarty, Tadayoshi Kohno
Pages 889-898
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.02 MB)
     Real life challenges in access-control management
Lujo Bauer, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Robert W. Reeder, Michael K. Reiter, Kami Vaniea
Pages 899-908
Full text available:  PdfPdf (625 KB)
     Awareness, training and trust in interaction with adaptive spam filters
Henriette S.M. Cramer, Vanessa Evers, Maarten W. van Someren, Bob J. Wielinga
Pages 909-912
Full text available:  PdfPdf (625 KB)
     Vibrapass: secure authentication based on shared lies
Alexander De Luca, Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Henrich Hußmann
Pages 913-916
Full text available:  PdfPdf (711 KB)
SESSION: Techniques for mobile interaction
     Graspables: grasp-recognition as a user interface
Brandon T. Taylor, V. Michael Bove, Jr.
Pages 917-926
Full text available:  PdfPdf (8.47 MB)
     MicroRolls: expanding touch-screen input vocabulary by distinguishing rolls vs. slides of the thumb
Anne Roudaut, Eric Lecolinet, Yves Guiard
Pages 927-936
Full text available:  PdfPdf (5.21 MB)
     Unravelling seams: improvoing mobile gesture recognition with visual feedback techniques
Sven Kratz, Raphael Ballagas
Pages 937-940
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.29 MB)
     Where to locate wearable displays?: reaction time performance of visual alerts from tip to toe
Chris Harrison, Brian Y. Lim, Aubrey Shick, Scott E. Hudson
Pages 941-944
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.11 MB)
SESSION: Social networking sites
     Feed me: motivating newcomer contribution in social network sites
Moira Burke, Cameron Marlow, Thomas Lento
Pages 945-954
Full text available:  PdfPdf (892 KB)
     'Helpfulness' in online communities: a measure of message quality
Jahna Otterbacher
Pages 955-964
Full text available:  PdfPdf (783 KB)
     The problem of conflicting social spheres: effects of network structure on experienced tension in social network sites
Jens Binder, Andrew Howes, Alistair Sutcliffe
Pages 965-974
Full text available:  PdfPdf (656 KB)
SESSION: Software developers and programmers
     Comparing the use of tangible and graphical programming languages for informal science education
Michael S. Horn, Erin Treacy Solovey, R. Jordan Crouser, Robert J.K. Jacob
Pages 975-984
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.85 MB)
     Designers wanted: participation and the user experience in open source software development
Paula M. Bach, Robert DeLine, John M. Carroll
Pages 985-994
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.33 MB)
     Understanding how and why open source contributors use diagrams in the development of Ubuntu
Koji Yatani, Eunyoung Chung, Carlos Jensen, Khai N. Truong
Pages 995-1004
Full text available:  PdfPdf (274 KB)
SESSION: Large displays/multi-display environments
     Comparing usage of a large high-resolution display to single or dual desktop displays for daily work
Xiaojun Bi, Ravin Balakrishnan
Pages 1005-1014
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.55 MB)
     DICE: designing conference rooms for usability
Gene Golovchinsky, Pernilla Qvarfordt, Bill van Melle, Scott Carter, Tony Dunnigan
Pages 1015-1024
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.23 MB)
     Arrow tag: a direction-key-based technique for rapidly selecting hyperlinks while gazing at a screen
Atsuhiko Maeda, Hirohito Inagaki, Masanobu Abe
Pages 1025-1028
Full text available:  PdfPdf (793 KB)
     What's "this" you say?: the use of local references on distant displays
Patti Bao, Darren Gergle
Pages 1029-1032
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.93 MB)
SESSION: Sustainability 2
     It's not easy being green: understanding home computer power management
Marshini Chetty, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Brian R. Meyers, Paul Johns
Pages 1033-1042
Full text available:  PdfPdf (520 KB)
     UbiGreen: investigating a mobile tool for tracking and supporting green transportation habits
Jon Froehlich, Tawanna Dillahunt, Predrag Klasnja, Jennifer Mankoff, Sunny Consolvo, Beverly Harrison, James A. Landay
Pages 1043-1052
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.91 MB)
     Understanding why we preserve some things and discard others in the context of interaction design
William Odom, James Pierce, Erik Stolterman, Eli Blevis
Pages 1053-1062
Full text available:  PdfPdf (728 KB)
SESSION: Tabletop gestures
     Empirical evaluation for finger input properties in multi-touch interaction
Feng Wang, Xiangshi Ren
Pages 1063-1072
Full text available:  PdfPdf (892 KB)
     The design and evaluation of multi-finger mouse emulation techniques
Justin Matejka, Tovi Grossman, Jessica Lo, George Fitzmaurice
Pages 1073-1082
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.10 MB)
     User-defined gestures for surface computing
Jacob O. Wobbrock, Meredith Ringel Morris, Andrew D. Wilson
Pages 1083-1092
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.33 MB)
SESSION: Visualization 1
     Improving visual search with image segmentation
Clifton Forlines, Ravin Balakrishnan
Pages 1093-1102
Full text available:  PdfPdf (938 KB)
     PhotoScope: visualizing spatiotemporal coverage of photos for construction management
Fuqu Wu, Melanie Tory
Pages 1103-1112
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.03 MB)
     Graph sketcher: extending illustration to quantitative graphs
Robin Stewart, m.c. schraefel
Pages 1113-1116
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.64 MB)
     SiteLens: situated visualization techniques for urban site visits
Sean White, Steven Feiner
Pages 1117-1120
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.21 MB)
SESSION: Design theory
     Design research as explanation: perceptions in the field
Steven R. Haynes, John M. Carroll, Thomas G. Kannampallil, Lu Xiao, Paula M. Bach
Pages 1121-1130
Full text available:  PdfPdf (639 KB)
     Framing design in the third paradigm
Salu Ylirisku, Virtu Halttunen, Johanna Nuojua, Antti Juustila
Pages 1131-1140
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.39 MB)
     Values as lived experience: evolving value sensitive design in support of value discovery
Christopher A. Le Dantec, Erika Shehan Poole, Susan P. Wyche
Pages 1141-1150
Full text available:  PdfPdf (499 KB)
SESSION: New media experiences 1
     Body and mind: a study of avatar personalization in three virtual worlds
Nicolas Ducheneaut, Ming-Hui Wen, Nicholas Yee, Greg Wadley
Pages 1151-1160
Full text available:  PdfPdf (746 KB)
     Capturing and sharing memories in a virtual world
Carman Neustaedter, Elena Fedorovskaya
Pages 1161-1170
Full text available:  PdfPdf (793 KB)
     In support of city exploration
Ben Bedwell, Holger Schnädelbach, Steve Benford, Tom Rodden, Boriana Koleva
Pages 1171-1180
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.09 MB)
SESSION: Classifying and recommending content
     Input-agreement: a new mechanism for collecting data using human computation games
Edith Law, Luis von Ahn
Pages 1197-1206
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.74 MB)
     Matchin: eliciting user preferences with an online game
Severin Hacker, Luis von Ahn
Pages 1207-1216
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.34 MB)
     Mixing it up: recommending collections of items
Derek L. Hansen, Jennifer Golbeck
Pages 1217-1226
Full text available:  PdfPdf (644 KB)
SESSION: Using tabletops for education, science, and media
     Tabletop displays for small group study: affordances of paper and digital materials
Anne Marie Piper, James D. Hollan
Pages 1227-1236
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.95 MB)
     WeSpace: the design development and deployment of a walk-up and share multi-surface visual collaboration system
Daniel Wigdor, Hao Jiang, Clifton Forlines, Michelle Borkin, Chia Shen
Pages 1237-1246
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.40 MB)
     CThru: exploration in a video-centered information space for educational purposes
Hao Jiang, Alain Viel, Meekal Bajaj, Robert A. Lue, Chia Shen
Pages 1247-1250
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.97 MB)
     Turning the tables: an interactive surface for vjing
Stuart Taylor, Shahram Izadi, David Kirk, Richard Harper, Armando Garcia-Mendoza
Pages 1251-1254
Full text available:  PdfPdf (849 KB)
SESSION: Helping out users with "extreme jobs"
     An experimental study of field dependency in altered Gz environments
Marc A. Le Pape, Ravi K. Vatrapu
Pages 1255-1264
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.30 MB)
     Taking the time to care: empowering low health literacy hospital patients with virtual nurse agents
Timothy W. Bickmore, Laura M. Pfeifer, Brian W. Jack
Pages 1265-1274
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.54 MB)
     Evaluation of a tool-mounted guidance display for computer-assisted surgery
Kevin Kassil, A. James Stewart
Pages 1275-1278
Full text available:  PdfPdf (6.52 MB)
     Towards human-centered support for indoor navigation
Leonardo Ramirez, Sebastian Denef, Tobias Dyrks
Pages 1279-1282
Full text available:  PdfPdf (623 KB)
SESSION: Visualization 2
     EnsembleMatrix: interactive visualization to support machine learning with multiple classifiers
Justin Talbot, Bongshin Lee, Ashish Kapoor, Desney S. Tan
Pages 1283-1292
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.01 MB)
     FacetLens: exposing trends and relationships to support sensemaking within faceted datasets
Bongshin Lee, Greg Smith, George G. Robertson, Mary Czerwinski, Desney S. Tan
Pages 1293-1302
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.72 MB)
     Sizing the horizon: the effects of chart size and layering on the graphical perception of time series visualizations
Jeffrey Heer, Nicholas Kong, Maneesh Agrawala
Pages 1303-1312
Full text available:  PdfPdf (824 KB)
SESSION: User studies and design
     Call browser: a system to improve the caller experience by analyzing live calls end-to-end
Bernhard Suhm, Pat Peterson
Pages 1313-1322
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.08 MB)
     Finding canonical behaviors in user protocols
Walter C. Mankowski, Peter Bogunovich, Ali Shokoufandeh, Dario D. Salvucci
Pages 1323-1326
Full text available:  PdfPdf (479 KB)
     Reduced empathizing skills increase challenges for user-centered design
William Hudson
Pages 1327-1330
Full text available:  PdfPdf (604 KB)
SESSION: Cognitive modeling and assessment
     An intuitive model of perceptual grouping for HCI design
Ruth Rosenholtz, Nathaniel R. Twarog, Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld, Martin Wattenberg
Pages 1331-1340
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.13 MB)
     Development of decision rationale in complex group decision making
Helena M. Mentis, Paula M. Bach, Blaine Hoffman, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll
Pages 1341-1350
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.43 MB)
     Learning to predict information needs: context-aware display as a cognitive aid and an assessment tool
Bradley C. Love, Matt Jones, Marc T. Tomlinson, Michael Howe
Pages 1351-1360
Full text available:  PdfPdf (6.53 MB)
SESSION: Finding info online integrating backchannels in physical space
Drew Harry, Joshua Green, Judith Donath
Pages 1361-1370
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.26 MB)
     Learning how: the search for craft knowledge on the internet
Cristen Torrey, Elizabeth F. Churchill, David W. McDonald
Pages 1371-1380
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.31 MB)
     Resonance on the web: web dynamics and revisitation patterns
Eytan Adar, Jaime Teevan, Susan T. Dumais
Pages 1381-1390
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.14 MB)
SESSION: Pointing and cursor techniques
     DynaSpot: speed-dependent area cursor
Olivier Chapuis, Jean-Baptiste Labrune, Emmanuel Pietriga
Pages 1391-1400
Full text available:  PdfPdf (894 KB)
     The angle mouse: target-agnostic dynamic gain adjustment based on angular deviation
Jacob O. Wobbrock, James Fogarty, Shih-Yen (Sean) Liu, Shunichi Kimuro, Susumu Harada
Pages 1401-1410
Full text available:  PdfPdf (894 KB)
     Disambiguating ninja cursors with eye gaze
Kari-Jouko Räihä, Oleg Špakov
Pages 1411-1414
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.59 MB)
     Rake cursor: improving pointing performance with concurrent input channels
Renaud Blanch, Michaël Ortega
Pages 1415-1418
Full text available:  PdfPdf (732 KB)
SESSION: The beauty dilemma
     The "Beauty Dilemma": beauty is valued but discounted in product choice
Sarah Diefenbach, Marc Hassenzahl
Pages 1419-1426
Full text available:  PdfPdf (709 KB)
SESSION: New media experiences 2
     Enhancing remote participation in live auctions: an 'intelligent' gavel
Christian Heath, Paul Luff, Dirk Vom Lehn, Jun Yamashita, Hideaki Kuzuoka
Pages 1427-1436
Full text available:  PdfPdf (741 KB)
     Revealing gauguin: engaging visitors in robot guide's explanation in an art museum
Keiichi Yamazaki, Akiko Yamazaki, Mai Okada, Yoshinori Kuno, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Yosuke Hoshi, Karola Pitsch, Paul Luff, Dirk vom Lehn, Christian Heath
Pages 1437-1446
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.82 MB)
     Social immersive media: pursuing best practices for multi-user interactive camera/projector exhibits
Scott S. Snibbe, Hayes S. Raffle
Pages 1447-1456
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.03 MB)
SESSION: Personal and online information
     Contextual web history: using visual and contextual cues to improve web browser history
Sungjoon Steve Won, Jing Jin, Jason I. Hong
Pages 1457-1466
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.05 MB)
     Critical methods and user generated content: the iPhone on YouTube
Mark Blythe, Paul Cairns
Pages 1467-1476
Full text available:  PdfPdf (638 KB)
     Note to self: examining personal information keeping in a lightweight note-taking tool
Max G. Van Kleek, Michael Bernstein, Katrina Panovich, Gregory G. Vargas, David R. Karger, MC Schraefel
Pages 1477-1480
Full text available:  PdfPdf (707 KB)
     What's mine is mine: territoriality in collaborative authoring
Jennifer Thom-Santelli, Dan R. Cosley, Geri Gay
Pages 1481-1484
Full text available:  PdfPdf (605 KB)
SESSION: Studying Wikipedia
     Coordinating tasks on the commons: designing for personal goals, expertise and serendipity
Michel Krieger, Emily Margarete Stark, Scott R. Klemmer
Pages 1485-1494
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.94 MB)
     Coordination in collective intelligence: the role of team structure and task interdependence
Aniket Kittur, Bryant Lee, Robert E. Kraut
Pages 1495-1504
Full text available:  PdfPdf (648 KB)
     So you know you're getting the best possible information: a tool that increases Wikipedia credibility
Peter Pirolli, Evelin Wollny, Bongwon Suh
Pages 1505-1508
Full text available:  PdfPdf (756 KB)
     What's in Wikipedia?: mapping topics and conflict using socially annotated category structure
Aniket Kittur, Ed H. Chi, Bongwon Suh
Pages 1509-1512
Full text available:  PdfPdf (830 KB)
SESSION: Multimodal mobile interaction
     Auditory icon and earcon mobile service notifications: intuitiveness, learnability, memorability and preference
Stavros Garzonis, Simon Jones, Tim Jay, Eamonn O'Neill
Pages 1513-1522
Full text available:  PdfPdf (854 KB)
     Bezel swipe: conflict-free scrolling and multiple selection on mobile touch screen devices
Volker Roth, Thea Turner
Pages 1523-1526
Full text available:  PdfPdf (897 KB)
     Exploring the potential of audio-tactile messaging for remote interpersonal communication
Lorna M. Brown, Abigail Sellen, Renan Krishna, Richard Harper
Pages 1527-1530
Full text available:  PdfPdf (588 KB)
     Gravity sphere: gestural audio-tactile interface for mobile music exploration
Jaakko Keränen, Janne Bergman, Jarmo Kauko
Pages 1531-1534
Full text available:  PdfPdf (744 KB)
     TouchBall: a design and evaluation of a hand-held trackball based touch-haptic interface
Minwoo Choi, Gerard Jounghyun Kim
Pages 1535-1538
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.69 MB)
SESSION: New gaming experiences
     Design influence on social play in distributed exertion games
Florian 'Floyd' Mueller, Martin R. Gibbs, Frank Vetere
Pages 1539-1548
Full text available:  PdfPdf (6.01 MB)
     The three-sixty illusion: designing for immersion in pervasive games
Annika Waern, Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros
Pages 1549-1558
Full text available:  PdfPdf (999 KB)
     Wii all play: the console game as a computational meeting place
Amy Voida, Saul Greenberg
Pages 1559-1568
Full text available:  PdfPdf (628 KB)
SESSION: Software development
     Finding causes of program output with the Java Whyline
Andrew J. Ko, Brad A. Myers
Pages 1569-1578
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.50 MB)
     Fisheyes in the field: using method triangulation to study the adoption and use of a source code visualization
Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen, Kasper Hornbæk
Pages 1579-1588
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.45 MB)
     Two studies of opportunistic programming: interleaving web foraging, learning, and writing code
Joel Brandt, Philip J. Guo, Joel Lewenstein, Mira Dontcheva, Scott R. Klemmer
Pages 1589-1598
Full text available:  PdfPdf (671 KB)
SESSION: Usability methods
     Comparison of three one-question, post-task usability questionnaires
Jeff Sauro, Joseph S. Dumas
Pages 1599-1608
Full text available:  PdfPdf (910 KB)
     Correlations among prototypical usability metrics: evidence for the construct of usability
Jeff Sauro, James R. Lewis
Pages 1609-1618
Full text available:  PdfPdf (630 KB)
     Let your users do the testing: a comparison of three remote asynchronous usability testing methods
Anders Bruun, Peter Gull, Lene Hofmeister, Jan Stage
Pages 1619-1628
Full text available:  PdfPdf (751 KB)
SESSION: Studying cell phone use
     Focus on driving: how cognitive constraints shape the adaptation of strategy when dialing while driving
Duncan P. Brumby, Dario D. Salvucci, Andrew Howes
Pages 1629-1638
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.90 MB)
     At home and with computer access: why and where people use cell phones to access the internet
Stina Nylander, Terés Lundquist, Andreas Brännström
Pages 1639-1642
Full text available:  PdfPdf (571 KB)
     Bringing design considerations to the mobile phone and driving debate
Leila Takayama, Jo Ann G. Sison, Brian Lathrop, Nicholas Wolfe, Abe Chiang, Alexia Nielsen, Clifford Nass
Pages 1643-1646
Full text available:  PdfPdf (683 KB)
     Can i borrow your phone?: understanding concerns when sharing mobile phones
Amy K. Karlson, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Stuart Schechter
Pages 1647-1650
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.25 MB)
     Social responses in mobile messaging: influence strategies, self-disclosure, and source orientation
Dean Eckles, Doug Wightman, Claire Carlson, Attapol Thamrongrattanarit, Marcello Bastea-Forte, B. J. Fogg
Pages 1651-1654
Full text available:  PdfPdf (868 KB)
SESSION: Desktop techniques
     Ephemeral adaptation: the use of gradual onset to improve menu selection performance
Leah Findlater, Karyn Moffatt, Joanna McGrenere, Jessica Dawson
Pages 1655-1664
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.25 MB)
     Revisiting read wear: analysis, design, and evaluation of a footprints scrollbar
Jason Alexander, Andy Cockburn, Stephen Fitchett, Carl Gutwin, Saul Greenberg
Pages 1665-1674
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.03 MB)
     Power tools for copying and moving: useful stuff for your desktop
Guillaume Faure, Olivier Chapuis, Nicolas Roussel
Pages 1675-1678
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.81 MB)
     WikiFolders: augmenting the display of folders to better convey the meaning of files
Stephen Voida, Saul Greenberg
Pages 1679-1682
Full text available:  PdfPdf (987 KB)
SESSION: Designing for senior citizens
     Adaptive information search: age-dependent interactions between cognitive profiles and strategies
Jessie Chin, Wai-Tat Fu, Thomas Kannampallil
Pages 1683-1692
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.08 MB)
     Desiring to be in touch in a changing communications landscape: attitudes of older adults
Siân E. Lindley, Richard Harper, Abigail Sellen
Pages 1693-1702
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.56 MB)
     Knocking on elders' door: investigating the functional and emotional geography of their domestic space
Chiara Leonardi, Claudio Mennecozzi, Elena Not, Fabio Pianesi, Massimo Zancanaro, Francesca Gennai, Antonio Cristoforetti
Pages 1703-1712
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.42 MB)
SESSION: Photos and life logging
     Baby steps: evaluation of a system to support record-keeping for parents of young children
Julie A. Kientz, Rosa I. Arriaga, Gregory D. Abowd
Pages 1713-1722
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.66 MB)
     Making history: intentional capture of future memories
Daniela Petrelli, Elise van den Hoven, Steve Whittaker
Pages 1723-1732
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.09 MB)
     Getting sidetracked: display design and occasioning photo-talk with the photohelix
Otmar Hilliges, David Shelby Kirk
Pages 1733-1736
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.07 MB)
     Reflections of everyday activities in spending data
Julia Schwarz, Jennifer Mankoff, H. Scott Matthews
Pages 1737-1740
Full text available:  PdfPdf (809 KB)
SESSION: Mobile applications for the developing world
     A comparison of mobile money-transfer UIs for non-literate and semi-literate users
Indrani Medhi, S.N. Nagasena Gautama, Kentaro Toyama
Pages 1741-1750
Full text available:  PdfPdf (987 KB)
     Comparing semiliterate and illiterate users' ability to transition from audio+text to text-only interaction
Leah Findlater, Ravin Balakrishnan, Kentaro Toyama
Pages 1751-1760
Full text available:  PdfPdf (921 KB)
     StoryBank: mobile digital storytelling in a development context
David M. Frohlich, Dorothy Rachovides, Kiriaki Riga, Ramnath Bhat, Maxine Frank, Eran Edirisinghe, Dhammike Wickramanayaka, Matt Jones, Will Harwood
Pages 1761-1770
Full text available:  PdfPdf (999 KB)
SESSION: Social search and sensemaking
     CoSense: enhancing sensemaking for collaborative web search
Sharoda A. Paul, Meredith Ringel Morris
Pages 1771-1780
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.74 MB)
     PlayByPlay: collaborative web browsing for desktop and mobile devices
Heather Wiltse, Jeffrey Nichols
Pages 1781-1790
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.49 MB)
     Annotate once, appear anywhere: collective foraging for snippets of interest using paragraph fingerprinting
Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi
Pages 1791-1794
Full text available:  PdfPdf (740 KB)
     With a little help from my friends: examining the impact of social annotations in sensemaking tasks
Les Nelson, Christoph Held, Peter Pirolli, Lichan Hong, Diane Schiano, Ed H. Chi
Pages 1795-1798
Full text available:  PdfPdf (685 KB)
SESSION: Understanding UI 2
     Self-interruption on the computer: a typology of discretionary task interleaving
Jing Jin, Laura A. Dabbish
Pages 1799-1808
Full text available:  PdfPdf (729 KB)
     The problem of consistency in the design of Fitts' law experiments: consider either target distance and width or movement form and scale
Yves Guiard
Pages 1809-1818
Full text available:  PdfPdf (832 KB)
     Toward a unified theory of the multitasking continuum: from concurrent performance to task switching, interruption, and resumption
Dario D. Salvucci, Niels A. Taatgen, Jelmer P. Borst
Pages 1819-1828
Full text available:  PdfPdf (985 KB)
SESSION: Supporting blind users
     Evaluating existing audio CAPTCHAs and an interface optimized for non-visual use
Jeffrey P. Bigham, Anna C. Cavender
Pages 1829-1838
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.51 MB)
     On the audio representation of distance for blind users
Martin Talbot, William Cowan
Pages 1839-1848
Full text available:  PdfPdf (923 KB)
SESSION: Advanced web scenarios
     Amplifying community content creation with mixed initiative information extraction
Raphael Hoffmann, Saleema Amershi, Kayur Patel, Fei Wu, James Fogarty, Daniel S. Weld
Pages 1849-1858
Full text available:  PdfPdf (5.33 MB)
     Attaching UI enhancements to websites with end users
Michael Toomim, Steven M. Drucker, Mira Dontcheva, Ali Rahimi, Blake Thomson, James A. Landay
Pages 1859-1868
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.27 MB)
     User-created forms as an effective method of human-agent communication
John Zimmerman, Kathryn Rivard, Ian Hargraves, Anthony Tomasic, Ken Mohnkern
Pages 1869-1878
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.88 MB)
SESSION: Enhancing reality
     Designable visual markers
Enrico Costanza, Jeffrey Huang
Pages 1879-1888
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.36 MB)
     Like bees around the hive: a comparative study of a mobile augmented reality map
Ann Morrison, Antti Oulasvirta, Peter Peltonen, Saija Lemmela, Giulio Jacucci, Gerhard Reitmayr, Jaana Näsänen, Antti Juustila
Pages 1889-1898
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.42 MB)
     Going my way: a user-aware route planner
Jaewoo Chung, Chris Schmandt
Pages 1899-1902
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.48 MB)
     Inferring player engagement in a pervasive experience
Joel E. Fischer, Steve Benford
Pages 1903-1906
Full text available:  PdfPdf (623 KB)
SESSION: New mobile interactions
     Back-of-device interaction allows creating very small touch devices
Patrick Baudisch, Gerry Chu
Pages 1923-1932
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.67 MB)
     Codex: a dual screen tablet computer
Ken Hinckley, Morgan Dixon, Raman Sarin, Francois Guimbretiere, Ravin Balakrishnan
Pages 1933-1942
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.35 MB)
     Tilt techniques: investigating the dexterity of wrist-based input
Mahfuz Rahman, Sean Gustafson, Pourang Irani, Sriram Subramanian
Pages 1943-1952
Full text available:  PdfPdf (680 KB)
SESSION: Technology for museums
     A tag in the hand: supporting semantic, social, and spatial navigation in museums
Dan Cosley, Jonathan Baxter, Soyoung Lee, Brian Alson, Saeko Nomura, Phil Adams, Chethan Sarabu, Geri Gay
Pages 1953-1962
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.68 MB)
     Familial collaborations in a museum
Tom Hope, Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Toru Takahashi, Atsushi Nobayashi, Shota Fukuoka, Masahiro Hamasaki, Takuichi Nishimura
Pages 1963-1972
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.05 MB)
     Supporting the creation of hybrid museum experiences
Boriana Koleva, Stefan Rennick Egglestone, Holger Schnädelbach, Kevin Glover, Chris Greenhalgh, Tom Rodden, Martyn Dade-Robertson
Pages 1973-1982
Full text available:  PdfPdf (6.40 MB)
SESSION: Security and privacy
     It's not what you know, but who you know: a social approach to last-resort authentication
Stuart Schechter, Serge Egelman, Robert W. Reeder
Pages 1983-1992
Full text available:  PdfPdf (914 KB)
     "When I am on Wi-Fi, I am fearless": privacy concerns & practices in eeryday Wi-Fi use
Predrag Klasnja, Sunny Consolvo, Jaeyeon Jung, Benjamin M. Greenstein, Louis LeGrand, Pauline Powledge, David Wetherall
Pages 1993-2002
Full text available:  PdfPdf (999 KB)
     Who's viewed you?: the impact of feedback in a mobile location-sharing application
Janice Y. Tsai, Patrick Kelley, Paul Drielsma, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh
Pages 2003-2012
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.08 MB)
SESSION: Web searching and browsing
     Exploring websites through contextual facets
Yevgeniy Medynskiy, Mira Dontcheva, Steven M. Drucker
Pages 2013-2022
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.00 MB)
     Visual snippets: summarizing web pages for search and revisitation
Jaime Teevan, Edward Cutrell, Danyel Fisher, Steven M. Drucker, Gonzalo Ramos, Paul André, Chang Hu
Pages 2023-2032
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.43 MB)
     From x-rays to silly putty via Uranus: serendipity and its role in web search
Paul André, Jaime Teevan, Susan T. Dumais
Pages 2033-2036
Full text available:  PdfPdf (790 KB)
     Semantically structured tag clouds: an empirical evaluation of clustered presentation approaches
Johann Schrammel, Michael Leitner, Manfred Tscheligi
Pages 2037-2040
Full text available:  PdfPdf (723 KB)
SESSION: Hospitals
     A mobile voice communication system in medical setting: love it or hate it?
Charlotte Tang, Sheelagh Carpendale
Pages 2041-2050
Full text available:  PdfPdf (912 KB)
     Clinical evaluations and collaborative design: developing new technologies for mental healthcare interventions
David Coyle, Gavin Doherty
Pages 2051-2060
Full text available:  PdfPdf (748 KB)
     I just don't know why it's gone: maintaining informal information use in inpatient care
Xiaomu Zhou, Mark S. Ackerman, Kai Zheng
Pages 2061-2070
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.64 MB)
SESSION: Social software in office
     Blogging at work and the corporate attention economy
Sarita Yardi, Scott A. Golder, Michael J. Brzozowski
Pages 2071-2080
Full text available:  PdfPdf (804 KB)
     Learning by seeing: photo viewing in the workplace
Jennifer Thom-Santelli, David R. Millen
Pages 2081-2090
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.26 MB)
     Exploring awareness needs and information display preferences between coworkers
A.J. Bernheim Brush, Brian R. Meyers, James Scott, Gina Venolia
Pages 2091-2094
Full text available:  PdfPdf (853 KB)
     Yours, mine and (not) ours: social influences on group information repositories
Emilee Rader
Pages 2095-2098
Full text available:  PdfPdf (508 KB)
SESSION: Studying intelligent systems
     I'm sorry, Dave: i'm afraid i won't do that: social aspects of human-agent conflict
Leila Takayama, Victoria Groom, Clifford Nass
Pages 2099-2108
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.34 MB)
     Machine intelligence
Alex S. Taylor
Pages 2109-2118
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.88 MB)
     Why and why not explanations improve the intelligibility of context-aware intelligent systems
Brian Y. Lim, Anind K. Dey, Daniel Avrahami
Pages 2119-2128
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.03 MB)
SESSION: Tabletops and single display groupware
     An evaluation of coordination techniques for protecting objects and territories in tabletop groupware
David Pinelle, Mutasem Barjawi, Miguel Nacenta, Regan Mandryk
Pages 2129-2138
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.56 MB)
     Territorial coordination and workspace awareness in remote tabletop collaboration
Philip Tuddenham, Peter Robinson
Pages 2139-2148
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.97 MB)
     Fighting for control: children's embodied interactions when using physical and digital representations
Paul Marshall, Rowanne Fleck, Amanda Harris, Jochen Rick, Eva Hornecker, Yvonne Rogers, Nicola Yuill, Nick Sheep Dalton
Pages 2149-2152
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.23 MB)
     Measuring the impact of third place attachment on the adoption of a place-based community technology
Shelly D. Farnham, Joseph F. McCarthy, Yagnesh Patel, Sameer Ahuja, Daniel Norman, William R. Hazlewood, Josh Lind
Pages 2153-2156
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.36 MB)
SESSION: Systems for children
     A mischief of mice: examining children's performance in single display groupware systems with 1 to 32 mice
Neema Moraveji, Kori Inkpen, Ed Cutrell, Ravin Balakrishnan
Pages 2157-2166
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.14 MB)
     Mobile media in the social fabric of a kindergarten
Jaana Näsänen, Antti Oulasvirta, Asko Lehmuskallio
Pages 2167-2176
Full text available:  PdfPdf (844 KB)
     Designing with children with severe motor impairments
Anthony J. Hornof
Pages 2177-2180
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.59 MB)
     HeartBeat: an outdoor pervasive game for children
Remco Magielse, Panos Markopoulos
Pages 2181-2184
Full text available:  PdfPdf (620 KB)
SESSION: New input modalities
     Brain measurement for usability testing and adaptive interfaces: an example of uncovering syntactic workload with functional near infrared spectroscopy
Leanne M. Hirshfield, Erin Treacy Solovey, Audrey Girouard, James Kebinger, Robert J.K. Jacob, Angelo Sassaroli, Sergio Fantini
Pages 2185-2194
Full text available:  PdfPdf (923 KB)
     O' game, can you feel my frustration?: improving user's gaming experience via stresscam
Chang Yun, Dvijesh Shastri, Ioannis Pavlidis, Zhigang Deng
Pages 2195-2204
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.09 MB)
     A performance model of selection techniques for p300-based brain-computer interfaces
Jean-Baptiste Sauvan, Anatole Lécuyer, Fabien Lotte, Géry Casiez
Pages 2205-2208
Full text available:  PdfPdf (495 KB)
     Discriminating the relevance of web search results with measures of pupil size
Flavio T.P. Oliveira, Anne Aula, Daniel M. Russell
Pages 2209-2212
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.48 MB)
SESSION: Reflecting on design
     Anatomy of a failure: how we knew when our design went wrong, and what we learned from it
William Gaver, John Bowers, Tobie Kerridge, Andy Boucher, Nadine Jarvis
Pages 2213-2222
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.00 MB)
     Getting there: six meta-principles and interaction design
Gilbert Cockton
Pages 2223-2232
Full text available:  PdfPdf (815 KB)
     On being supple: in search of rigor without rigidity in meeting new design and evaluation challenges for HCI practitioners
Katherine Isbister, Kristina Höök
Pages 2233-2242
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.04 MB)
     Tactile motion instructions for physical activities
Daniel Spelmezan, Mareike Jacobs, Anke Hilgers, Jan Borchers
Pages 2243-2252
Full text available:  PdfPdf (13.24 MB)
     Audio or tactile feedback: which modality when?
Eve Hoggan, Andrew Crossan, Stephen A. Brewster, Topi Kaaresoja
Pages 2253-2256
Full text available:  PdfPdf (25.13 MB)
     Tactile feedback for predictive text entry
Mark D. Dunlop, Finbarr Taylor
Pages 2257-2260
Full text available:  PdfPdf (935 KB)
     Texture displays: a passive approach to tactile presentation
Chris Harrison, Scott E. Hudson
Pages 2261-2264
Full text available:  PdfPdf (4.60 MB)
     TypeRight: a keyboard with tactile error prevention
Alexander Hoffmann, Daniel Spelmezan, Jan Borchers
Pages 2265-2268
Full text available:  PdfPdf (3.10 MB)
SESSION: Gesture UIs
     GestureBar: improving the approachability of gesture-based interfaces
Andrew Bragdon, Robert Zeleznik, Brian Williamson, Timothy Miller, Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.
Pages 2269-2278
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.14 MB)
     Lean collaboration through video gestures: co-ordinating the production of live televised sport
Mark Perry, Oskar Juhlin, Mattias Esbjörnsson, Arvid Engström
Pages 2279-2288
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.81 MB)
     Using strokes as command shortcuts: cognitive benefits and toolkit support
Caroline Appert, Shumin Zhai
Pages 2289-2298
Full text available:  PdfPdf (815 KB)
SESSION: Understanding graphs
     A user study on visualizing directed edges in graphs
Danny Holten, Jarke J. van Wijk
Pages 2299-2308
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.98 MB)
     Path selection: a novel interaction technique for mapping applications
Michael Ludwig, Reid Priedhorsky, Loren Terveen
Pages 2309-2318
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.23 MB)
     Topology-aware navigation in large networks
Tomer Moscovich, Fanny Chevalier, Nathalie Henry, Emmanuel Pietriga, Jean-Daniel Fekete
Pages 2319-2328
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.99 MB)
SESSION: Computer mediated communication 2
     Sharing empty moments: design for remote couples
Danielle Lottridge, Nicolas Masson, Wendy Mackay
Pages 2329-2338
Full text available:  PdfPdf (766 KB)
     Supporting content and process common ground in computer-supported teamwork
Gregorio Convertino, Helena M. Mentis, Mary Beth Rosson, Aleksandra Slavkovic, John M. Carroll
Pages 2339-2348
Full text available:  PdfPdf (1.48 MB)
     Conversation clusters: grouping conversation topics through human-computer dialog
Tony Bergstrom, Karrie Karahalios
Pages 2349-2352
Full text available:  PdfPdf (813 KB)
     Effects of real-time transcription on non-native speaker's comprehension in computer-mediated communications
Yingxin Pan, Danning Jiang, Michael Picheny, Yong Qin
Pages 2353-2356
Full text available:  PdfPdf (711 KB)
SESSION: Informed design
     Interaction criticism and aesthetics
Jeffrey Bardzell
Pages 2357-2366
Full text available:  PdfPdf (649 KB)
     Understanding knowledge management practices for early design activity and its implications for reuse
Moushumi Sharmin, Brian P. Bailey, Cole Coats, Kevin Hamilton
Pages 2367-2376
Full text available:  PdfPdf (2.35 MB)

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